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Locked Out ?

If you are situated in the Wahroonga area and have found yourself suddenly locked outside your house or apartment, don’t panic.

One of the many tasks that our Wahroonga area locksmiths offer is an emergency door unlocking service.

To get started, simply call “Locksmith Wahroonga”
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Once one of our locksmiths have your name and address, we will then dispatch our closest locksmith to respond to you.

To speed up the process, please wait in a location that the attending locksmith can find you. If you are waiting at your neighbours place inform the locksmith when making the booking.

To unlock your apartment door or house, our locksmiths use some of the most modern lock picking methods and tools.

With the latest tools available to our locksmiths, there is less chance that part of your lock will need to be replaced.

That’s right we unlock the locks by lock picking not lock drilling.

About 95% of common house and apartment doors can be unlocked by lock picking. Don’t listen to other locksmiths who say they need to replace the lock.

If we need to pick open a lock $11-$22 will be added to the charges. This is a huge difference from other so-called locksmiths that try and charge you $150 to pick a lock.

The cheapest unlocking service price starts at $99 – including unlocking the door in most cases.

Change The Keys

If you have just moved in or just kicked a room-mate out, its wise to re-code your locks. Recoding your locks is just the same as changing your locks. The locks will not allow the old key to open the locks.

Installing new locks is often 70% more expensive compared to re-coding your locks, because our locksmiths require extra time to install the new hardware. Supplying new hardware also make installing new locks more expensive.

Making A Key

Making keys is also part of the services that we offer in Normanhurst. If you need a key made for a door lock or mailbox, feel free to call us for a flat fee quote.

To make a key our locksmith will need to remove the lock from the door, once the lock has been removed from the door, the locksmith can then dismantle the lock and measure the internal parts of the lock to decipher the shape of the key.

Using the onboard key machines, the key can now be cut to operate the lock.

With 2 keys now made the lock is reassembled to the door and tested. This process is called making a key to a lock.

If you have lost keys and you want the lock to operate on a different key, the process is much the same. Speak with our locksmiths for more information.

Install Locks

Lock installation is one of the services that our Wahroonga locksmiths can offer you. Adding a deadlock to a back door or installing a lock on your glass sliding door, intact a lock on just about any door is possible. Normanhurst Locksmith service has locks onboard in our mobile locksmith workshops. You don’t need to run down the local hardware and buy locks, we have a lock with us at all times. When our locksmith supplies you with a new lock and installs the new locks for you, you get a warranty on the lock and the labor.

Open Your Car

It’s easy to forget your keys inside your car and close the doors. Some of the modern cars will automatically lock the doors when all the doors are closed. It’s simply the car’s way of keeping you safe. Unfortunately, it happens to all of us when you leave the keys in the car and turn around and the car tries to help you and locks itself, leaving you on the outside without your keys. This is the time you need to call our Wahroonga Locksmith service. We have a wide range of skills and tools to get your car opened.

Local Wahroonga Locksmith

Local locksmithing in Wahroonga is what we do, we are not located in Wahroonga, but we are located just down the road. We have four locksmith vans service the Wahroonga area and surrounding Hornsby area too. When you need a locksmith in Wahroonga calls our friendly locksmiths first. You will be surprised by the turnaround time and the price. Most of our clients recommend us by word of mouth because of the service and our efficiency at getting your lock and key problems solved.

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