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Locked out in Thornleigh? Need A Locksmith

Thornleigh Locksmith service opening lock

When you think of a locksmith, most people think of a guy that installs locks and repair locks. This is just one of the services our Locksmiths offer. 

More often than not, our locksmith also performs tasks such as lock opening. Unlocking locks for a locksmith is just as common as installing locks. 

Locking yourself out of your house or apartment is relatively quite easy to do. It only takes a brief moment to happen. 

Just simply walk outside your front door and watch it slam shut, is enough to get yourself locked out. 

So if you are in the position where this has happened to you, and you live in Thornleigh. Pick up the phone and call our locksmiths. We have locksmiths that live and work in the Thornleigh area. 

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Thornleigh Lock Picking Locksmith

The last thing you need when being locked out is to be kept waiting for hours for a locksmith. This is Why it’s important to find a local locksmith in the Thornleigh area.

 We won’t keep you waiting any longer when is necessary. 

 Along with fast service, our locksmith is also highly trained.  This means they will have the necessary skills to get you back inside without needing to replace locks.

 Locksmiths have several tools called lock picks, this is what our locksmiths use to be able to unlock your door.  Lock picks allow the locksmith to unlock lock a lock without damage.

 So when you are locked out, all you need to do is call our Thornleigh service and we will send our next available locksmith to help you. We will pick your lock to get you back inside your place.

 Our unlocking service generally starts from about $99 and this includes a locksmith coming out to you and unlocking a standard working lock. Yes, it is ok to pay by credit card or debit card our locksmiths have an EFTPOS facility with them at all times to make payment easy for our customers.

Thornleigh key change locksmith

Need New Keys ? – Locksmith 

 New keys is another service that our locksmiths can provide.  If you have moved into the Thornleigh area and you are renting or you’ve just purchased, it is recommended to change your locks to a fresh key.

 Lots of people don’t know that you can have your lock recoded to a fresh key.

 When most people think of changing locks they often think of installing a completely new lock and new locking hardware.

 This is not necessary, as your current lock can be re-coded. As long as your lock is in working functional condition then you can benefit from a recording service.

 To put lock recoding simply it means that your old keys will no longer work your lock. only the new keys that our locksmiths give you will work the lock.

 The locksmith will remove the lock from the door and replace small parts inside which I allow the locked to work on the selected key.

Internal lock parts are replaced so the old keys can physically no longer turn the lock.

 To explain it another way,  lock recoding is like changing your PIN on your credit card. 

If you have changed your PIN number on your credit or debit card you know the old pin number will no longer work back card.  

Lock recoding works the same way stopping the old keys from working.

 Talk to our locksmith today about changing your house or apartment to a fresh key so that you have peace of mind no other old residence will have access to your property.

 Recoding locks is generally about 80% cheaper than replacing locks.

Lost keys Thornleigh area Locksmith

Lost Keys – Locksmith Service

 If you have a nervous feeling that you have left some keys somewhere or lost your set of keys for your house or business don’t panic.  

Lost keys is what our locksmiths are here for. Lost keys are a service our locksmiths can help you with by doing one of two things.

 The first option for a situation where keys have been lost is to have our locksmith change your lock to a different key. Once the lock has been changed to a different key the keys will no longer work and the locksmith will give you two new keys to operate your lock with.

 The second option is to have our locksmith make you a key from the lock,  this means that the old key will still work and essentially the locksmith is just supplying you a replacement key for the lock.

With lost keys, it’s often safer to have the lockset to a new key.

Thornleigh lock repair service locksmith

Locksmith Lock Repair Service

 Most homeowners know that when the weather turns and we have wet seasons that many houses seem to swell and move a little bit.  

With locks, they generally work on tight tolerances which means that any movement in a door or a frame in a house can cause the lock to become stuck and unable to be used.  

The good news is our Locksmiths have a wide range of techniques to get your locks realigned and working properly.  If your lock needs an adjustment speak with one of our locksmiths who can come to you in Thornleigh and fix your locks and get them working again.

locksmith to replace lock in Thornleigh nsw

Locks replaced

 Lock replacement is another service that our locksmith offer, if your lock is looking tired and worn out perhaps you would benefit from a new lock.  

A new lock is an investment, some locks last upwards of 50 years.  If you don’t like the look of your locks or you would just like to start with some fresh new locks feel free to speak to our locksmith about what we can put on your front door to improve the security or make it more friendly for you.  

Keep in mind that over the last 5 to 10 years there have been some big developments in locks and keyless locks which allow the customer to have keyless locks that give them protection from locking themselves out along with the convenience of allowing friends and family to access using PIN numbers.

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Locksmith Residential service Thornleigh

Residential Locksmith Service Thornleigh

A residential locksmith is where our locksmith comes to you in your home or apartment and works on the locks.

 We carry a wide range of residential locks to suit most applications, this means that if you need a deadlock on a Friday night chances are we have it in our van ready to be installed.

So before you go away on holiday, and you have that last moment though of improving your home security, keep in mind our locksmiths have locks with them ready to be installed. 

Thornleigh Commercial Locksmith

Thornleigh Commercial locksmith

 Commercial locksmithing is where the locksmith works on commercial premises such as an apartment block.

  Commercial locksmith work can also include retail shops and public areas. Yes, our locksmiths do carry commercial locks to suit commercial applications as well.

 If there is a situation where a commercial lock is needed and our locksmith doesn’t have it with them, they can always return to our workshop to pick up more locks that we have available.  

This means we have a wide range of locks on hand for commercial applications when needed,   this is a huge benefit to our Thornleigh customers to know that we have access to a wide range of commercial locks and stock if needed 24 hours a day. 

Security keys – High-Security Keys

 Security keys and high-security keys are not purely for commercial premises,  with the increase of burglars using lock picks to break into premises, high-security keys have become a suitable choice to protect against lock-picking burglars.  

These days you only need to look at a 30-second video on YouTube to see how vulnerable most standard house locks and retail business locks are.  

When you are protecting your belongings and your precious items upgrading your locks to a high-security key to prevent key manipulation is a smart choice.

Locksmith Residential Locksmith NSW

Strata Locksmith Service

 When it comes to apartment buildings our locksmiths not only work on the unit front doors and the actual apartments, we also work on the building itself.  working on a residential building is often organized by the Strata to manage the building.  

Our locksmith after knowledgeable and furmilluer with the locks that are needed to comply with fire regulations and also commercial standards for residential Strata buildings.  

Locksmiths not only install locks on Strata buildings we also install door hardware such as door closes, door signs, indicator bolts, noticeboards just to name a few.

 If you are managing a strata complex in the Thornleigh area feel free to talk to our locksmiths who would be happy to manage your lock and key security for your buildings. 

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Thornleigh Emergency locksmith Service

 Most people who require a locksmith in the Thornleigh area will require them outside of business hours.  

This is because the need for a locksmith is often Unplanned.  So when you need a locksmith in the Thornleigh area we hope that you keep our Locksmith Service in mind as we have locksmiths on call waiting to help you with your lock and key needs.  

We provide Locksmith Service around the clock to the residents of Thornleigh as much as humanly possible.  This is what we call a true emergency locksmith service.  Most locksmiths close their doors and turn off their phones after 5 p.m., you can relax in knowing that we have multiple staff and aim to offer an around-the-clock Locksmith Service that you can rely on.

Car keys and Car Unlocking

Just Like Houses cars are also another way for you to get locked out, Many cars these days automatically lock when you step outside. 

If you find yourself locked outside your car we can send one of our locksmiths to help you get back inside.  

Cars can be quite tricky and require certain locksmith tools, no one locksmith has every tool for every car that is why,if we can’t help you we will try and find another Thornleigh Locksmith who can or that has the correct tool for your vehicle.

Thornleigh mailbox security locksmith locks

Security Mailbox Locks 

 The last thing on the list to keep in mind is your mailbox, it’s that little metal box at the front of your property that is secured by a very flimsy small key.  

This box collects personal information that is posted.  If theaves were interested in stealing brochures and pamphlets there would be no need to increase your mailbox security,  but unfortunately, they are more interested in your credit cards, date of birth, and other personal information that they can then use on the dark web or to create fake aliases with. 

This means that your mailbox security is important to keep your personal information safe.  Speak with our locksmith about changing your standard lock to a mailbox lock, and using a more secure key. This simple lock upgrade can save you a lot of problems down the track.

Your Local Thornleigh Locksmith

The next time you are looking for a locksmith located in Thornleigh, we hope that you consider our Locksmith Service and give us the chance to help you with your lock and key security. Our Locksmith service covers the Hornsby district

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