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Locksmith Hornsby Price List

When it comes to a Locksmith Service the first thing people always ask is how much is it going to cost,

  the cost of locksmith service is based on a few different factors some of these factors include the time of the day or night that you might require that Locksmith Service some other governing factors may be the type of Locksmith Service that you require whether it be a simple quick fix or an in-depth door repair these are the factors that determine the price.

Our locksmiths are professionals and have performed their locksmith duties many times this means that when you tell them what your problem is with your lock they should be able to give you a ballpark figure of how much you will need to pay.

 the more information you provide our locksmith the easier it is to be able to identify your lock problem and put a price on repair or replacement for that lock problem.

  please speak with our Locksmiths for more information and they can guide you on how you can send text messages and images of your lock problem to allow us to provide you the right price.

 when you are looking for a price guide from a locksmith it’s always important to see if they offer a fixed price or if the price of their offering is open-ended.  locksmith Hornsby is able to provide you a fixed price range that will allow you to know how much we’re going to need to spend to fix your locks lock problem.

Below is a list of examples of some of the common prices charged by our locksmith and also other locksmiths in the Hornsby area
  • Locksmith service call During business hours, Locksmith industry average =$88-220. Locksmith Hornsby Price $88 during business hours.
  • service charge from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Monday to Friday, locksmith industry average = $132 – $280. Our Locksmith Hornsby price $132-165
  •  Locksmith lock recoding charge -locksmith industry average = $44-$88 per standard lock.  Locksmith Hornsby price $55 per standard lock.
  • Hourly labour rate Monday to Friday during business hours -locksmith industry average = $110 – $242 per hour.  Locksmith Hornsby price $132 per hour
  • Standard house key duplication – locksmith industry average $11 – $22. Locksmith Hornsby price $8.80 per house key.
  • Open standard house lock “not a security lock” locksmith industry average $44 – $150 per lock. Locksmith Hornsby price $11 per lock and an extra $33 for Lockwood security locks.
  • Install handle lock on bedroom = locksmith industry average = $110 – $187 per handle lock installed not including service call. Our price = from $88 installed, not including service call

In addition except payment after the work has been compleated. Our locksmiths are not able to give credit of any knind for locksmith service work. Once the locksmith as finished his work you can make payment by way of.

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