Broken Key Extraction

Broken Key Extraction

Have you ever had the shocking experience of your car or home key becoming stuck in the lock when attempting to lock or unlock it? In such situations, most of us will try to yank the key out of the lock as quickly as possible. A dreadful consequence could be that a piece of the broken key becomes jammed in the lock! What is the most likely outcome in this scenario? Clearly, one would be locked out. But In order to remove (extract) the remain pieces of key that are firmly stuck in your lock, you would be well advised to contact a professional locksmith like us at Local Locksmith In Hornsby to prevent further damage and potential extra cost to repair or replace the entire lock or cylinder.

Broken key in lock removal Hornsby locksmith
Snapped Key Stuck In Front Door Lock

Time to call a Locksmith

We only hire skilled and experienced trade qualified professional locksmiths, that are well-versed in removing broken keys from keyholes. We carry out this procedure with the assistance of special tools and equipment specifically designed for extracting debris in locks, ensuring that the lock is not harmed in the process. After removing the broken key, the technician calculates the client’s need for a duplicate key. If the client requires it, We are able to provide duplicate keys without the requirement to replace the existing lock.

Key stuck in lock removal tool for broken key
Broken Key Extraction/Removal Tool.

No key, We won’t leave you out in the cold

Locksmith Hornsby locksmiths are available to you 24/7 and just a phone call away. Whenever you are in such emergency situations, just call or txt us on 0432545021 and a skilled professional will attend in as little as 15minutes. It is always advised that you avoid trying to get it out yourself as the broken key may be pushed further in the lock requiring further action. When you have us by your side, don’t risk further damage and expenses. However some helpful tools can be found at the

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