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 Welcome to our Hornsby Locksmith Lockout Service website,  our Locksmith has been working in the Hornsby area for a number of years and is very familiar with all the new buildings and the new locking hardware that is being used.

Local Locksmith Hornsby Service

Local Locksmith Hornsby Service

 when it comes to keys and Locks our Locksmiths carry a range of deadlock and keys with them and also have onboard key cutting facilities to be able to cut keys on the spot.

Not to mention If you need a Locksmith and you have lost the key, We can solve the problem. We start by removing the lock and resetting the pins inside the lock to a new combination.

24 Hour Hornsby Locksmith Lockout Service NSW

Change Lock Keys Hornsby Locksmith Lockout Service

 This means the old keys will no longer work. Only the new keys that our Locksmiths provide will work the lock. This service will give you peace of mind that nobody can enter your property using the old keys.

 If you find yourself outside your unit without your keys. Be aware that we can also come to your place and unlock your door.

24 Hour Hornsby Locksmith Lockout Service NSW

 Unlocking locks is what we do best! Our Locksmiths are highly trained. Not to mention we use some of the latest lock picking Technologies to be able to open the door. Best of all without creating damage.

24 hour locksmith - Hornsby Locksmiths Lockout

Unlock Locks – Open Your Door

 What’s best about our Hornsby Locksmith Lockout service is the price! our Locksmiths are often cheaper than most other locksmiths in the Hornsby area.

 We are mobile Locksmiths with a wide range of talents and tools to be able to tackle almost any lock and key situation for you.

 If you need help with your lock or key, please call the number above.

Locksmith Hornsby Lockout service will give you a call and be able to give you an estimate of the price over the phone.

Cheap Hornsby Locksmith Lockout Service

Cheap Hornsby Locksmith Lockout Service

Happily servicing the Hornsby community we are available most days and most nights so whenever you need a locksmith in the Hornsby area, feel free to call us and let us try to help you with your lock and key problems

Similarly, If you are looking for a Lock Shop to buy locks for your DIY project or home upgrades, you can buy locks try the Lock Shop in the link

Call Hornsby Lockout Locksmith Service Now Of Course

If you are looking for a key cutting shop – you can find one near the Police start in Hornsby. Our Hornsby Lockout Locksmith is a mobile locksmith service and we do not provide a key duplicating.

FAQ From Our Hornsby Lockout Locksmith Service

How much does a locksmith cost in Hornsby?

How much does a locksmith cost in Hornsby?


You can ask 100 different locksmiths and get 100 different answers to the question. The industry standard price is about $88-132 to have a locksmith come to your place. This price is for a local locksmith to come to you. If the locksmith is located further away, the more they will charge.

Some locksmiths try to trick customers when it comes to price. They display a crazy low price like $25-$35 or even $0- FREE CALL OUT FEE. This is just a bait and switch sales tactic to get you committed to their service, once you have waited and had the Locksmith at your place, they then start charging ridiculous prices for minor work, or damage everything insite and try and convince you you need then to do that to achieve their adjective. 

How much does calling a Hornsby locksmith cost?

How Much Does Calling A Hornsby locksmith Cost?

Calling a locksmith is the free part. The cost of the call is almost nothing than the price of a call. The real question is “How much does calling a locksmith to come to me cost”

and to answer that question we need to ask a few more questions as the price depends on your answers.

  • How far does the Locksmith need to travel?
  • Does the locksmith need to pay for parking or road tolls?
  • Do you need a specialized locksmith or just a general locksmith?

Once we know the answers to the above questions then the locksmith can give you a price.

The further the locksmiths need to travel the higher the cost. Parking and tolls will also need to be added to the cost of coming to you, and lastly, if you need a specialized locksmith to do a specialized task that many other locksmiths do not offer, then the cost will be higher than a standard or general locksmith of which there is more of and more easily found. 
The industry standard is about $88 to $132 for a general local locksmith with standard locksmithing skills to come to you at your local location. Higher outside business hours.

How much does locksmith training cost?

Locksmith training is different in different countries and different states. In Australia, each state also has a different requirement and level of training. For example in New South Wales in Australia, it will cost you about $900+ per year to attend TAFE as an apprentice Locksmith. This is a 3-year course. 

How much is a locksmith in Hornsby Sydney?

How much is a locksmith in Hornsby Sydney?

We have spoken to many locksmiths in Hornsby Sydney and some locksmiths charge $88 to come to your location and perform a simple job such as unlocking a lock or lubricating a lock.

While other locksmiths can change $220 for the same thing.

Some locksmiths trick customers with low prices of $35 and then charge $180 for the simple task.

So you can average the prices out to be about $88 – $154 on average as a price guide. The more work that is required the more time and cost that will be involved.

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